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What We Do

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We run the Node.js London group. The non-profit group provides free training to all levels of Javascript developers. Raising money for charities.

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We help clients implement GraphQL and help others innovate with it. We offer expertise on Apollo and Relay. Get in touch to learn GraphQL.

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We offer advice on public or permissioned Ethereum based distributed computing platforms. Writing or auditing smart contract functionality.


We can help implement and innovate on AWS cloud, increasing efficiency and scalability. We can help supply and implement Dockerised technology.

Embracing Decentralisation

About Us

We use AI tools and distributed computing to help you innovate

We have backgrounds in consulting, recruitment, development and marketing. We're helping to build the next generation of tools for the the decentralised Web 3.0 world. Whilst we are small this allows us to develop tailored solutions, custom fit for our clients.